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29 октября 2017 года состоялся вечер знакомства с американскими традициями проведения фестиваля “Halloween”. Джон и Соннет Барр, давние друзья МГТА, рассказали об истории его возникновения и празднования.

В мероприятии приняли участие студенты первого курса кафедры сервиса и туризма и студенты второго курса кафедры иностранных языков МГТА.
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Они состязались в различных конкурсах, в том числе на лучший костюм и тыкву, которая считается символом этого фестиваля.

Как всегда, общение с нашими американскими друзьями проходило на английском языке, что дало возможность студентам расширить свои знания иностранного языка и культуры англо-говорящих стран. Участники смогли повеселиться, найти новых друзей и получили массу положительных эмоций в атмосфере дружелюбия и взаимопонимания.

One of the national festivals of the English-speaking countries is Halloween. It takes place on October 31st. The symbol of this festival is a pumpkin in which offensive face is cut out. A lighted candle is put into the pumpkin. It was considered that pumpkin left near the house on All Saints' Day drove off malignant demons. On this day, parties are held and people put on suits of terrible creatures and monsters from films to scare evil creatures and spirits.

Every year, our friends from English-Exchange, Jon and Sonnet Barr invite us to participate in an interesting and horrific party. This year was not an exception.  On the 29th of October, 2017 the Halloween party was held where Jon and Sonnet told the story of this American tradition.  They explained why costumes from horror films are so popular with teens. The participants tried to find out words connected with Halloween using only first letters of the alphabet, composed frightening stories, took part in a scary costume contest.

This time “MHTA” students were also there and not only participated in the party but were considered the scariest of all people present. Their costumes were the best. That evening our American friends gave us the opportunity to have real Halloween fun. We made a real mummy, and had a chance to make the best costume from paper. We carved our own pumpkins with knives and put candles in, and once again our “MHTA” pumpkin was thought to be the best.

As everybody knows, this holiday has magic power to destroy evil spirits. But I suppose that our students fought them all back and saved our academy and all people with the help of scary costumes and the best pumpkin.

Tur Sergey, a 2nd year student of “MHTA” foreign languages department, gave his impressions on Halloween party with our American friends

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